Mini Mover + Shaker Application

Entrepreneur applicants must be between the ages of 5 and 16. They must make their own products by hand themselves or purchase vintage items on their own.

If chosen, entrepreneurs will be given table space to sell their goods. The space to sell on is 4’x2’. Their guardian will need to remain at the event the entire time the entrepreneur is there and will assume full responsibility of said entrepreneur.

The cost per day of the event is $20 for a 4’x2’ space (if the entrepreneur needs more space please contact us). Please complete the below application fully and email photos of your child’s handmade crafts and/or vintage wares.

Thank you for applying and supporting the Mini Movers + Shakers!

MINI MOVERS + SHAKERS WILL ONLY PARTICIPATE ONE DAY OF EACH EVENT. There is an option below to select which day you would prefer. We cannot promise your Mini Mover + Shaker will get the day you select but we will try our best to honor it.


Please complete the form below to apply

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Full Name of Entrepreneur
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